How to Decrease Blood Sugar Level

How to Decrease Blood Sugar Level

This happens because of an external invasion. An external organism invades the system and causes certain trouble that has to be dealt with medication. But chronic ailment, what it means is, our own body is creating the problem.

The disease is being manufactured in the system. This is common knowledge that every cell in the body is programmed for health. But why would it cause an ailment? Something very fundamental has gone off balance or there is a certain level of misunderstanding within the system itself, that instead of creating health,

How to Decrease Blood Sugar Level

it’s creating ill-health. And we may be incubating this misunderstanding in so many different ways. When I say misunderstanding, no misunderstanding or understanding of your mind –on the cellular level, on the elemental level, there is a misunderstanding.

So, these things can be altered just by bringing about a certain balance in the system, activating a certain level of inner energy, and accessing the innermost dimension of who you are, which is the very maker of this body. The very maker of this body is within you. When this is so if there is a repair job to be done on this body, should you go to the manufacture or to the local mechanic?

Because the problem is being generated from within, itis very important that an inner solution is found for this. The Inner Engineering process is just about this, that you find access to this deepest dimension of intelligence and competence within ourselves which is capable of generating this body,

creating this body – from what kind of material? If you eat a piece of bread, it turns into the human system in a few hours’ time. So there is that dimension of intelligence and competence within this, if only you found access to that, health is not even something that you have to struggle with. So finding access to this has many steps to be taken. The simplest step that one needs to take is that one becomes open to the possibility,

first of all. Thinking and understanding that, “For all the problems that I have, there is an external cause and there is an external solution” is a very foolish way to approach the whole process. For ailments, chronic ailments like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments, asthma, allergies, obesity, eating disorders and many of these kinds which are all essentially generated from within – all these things can be quelled from within

if only we are willing to pay a certain level of attention to the innermost dimension of who we are. Inner Engineering is a powerful process of approaching the inner core of who you are in a scientific manner, and this is definitely a way to create a healthy life.

some home remedies to control diabetes green D this D is unfermented and hence has high poly phenyl content which has strong antioxidant and hypoglycemic effects the polyphenyl health in controlled release of blood sugars cinnamon water.

it is an effective way of treating diabetes at home drinking cinnamon with warm water or on an empty stomach helps increase the metabolism drumstick leaves the fiber content in them increases the feeling of satisfaction and slows the breakdown of food almonds eating soaked almonds every day in the morning also,

helps keep diabetes in check mathé overnight soaked methi seeds are considered a very effective remedy tomato juice with salt and pepper on an empty stomach every morning also helps in controlling diabetes high-fiber vegetables such as broccoli beans spinach peas and leafy vegetables should definitely be included in one’s daily diet fiber can help you feel full and satisfied and may help regulate the blood sugar levels,

since people with diabetes are at double the risk for cardiovascular complications fibers ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels is a great way to improve heart health pulses should be considered an important part of the daily diet diabetic people the carbs impulses do not affect the blood like other carb sources pulses are a very rich source of protein fruits ahamany people believe that diabetic people should not consume fruits,

as they are sweet in nature though that is true but not for all fruits some fruits like mangoes grapes and banana contain high sugar and should be avoided but fruits like papaya pear apple guava orange are high in fiber and can be consumed.

It is very difficult for people to accept that they have diabetes They will search several permanent solutions on the internet to cure that We will discuss some scientific solutions through this video by following that you will be able to control diabetes and also you can reverse it to an extent during the initial stages of diabetes.

It is important to discuss some of the myths associated with diabetes before moving on to scientific solutions All the solutions that you hear on the internet like drinking karela and hiya juice will permanently cure diabetes There is no scientific evidence for all these things but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything for it.

You can better manage your diabetes by following certain steps and also It is possible to reverse that to some extent It is one another common myth that too much sugar can cause diabetes.

There is no direct connection between eating extra sugar and diabetes Its connection is with an unhealthy lifestyle because of that, you may gain weight and that will increase the risk of having diabetes.

Many people think that people who are overweight only get diabetes A lean person can also get diabetes because of following a bad lifestyle or a strong family history Come on,

let’s know about such things that exist in your own home That will help you with the treatment of your diabetes Natural and home remedies for diabetes treatment are available in the form of vegetables in your fridge. All you need to do is open your fridge and eat the right amount of vegetables Because of this, you should try to fill half of your plate with vegetables from today onwards.

You can eat these vegetables in the form of salads or steamed or sautéed Try to eat more of seasonal vegetables After filling half of the plate with vegetables, now it is the time to fill 1/4 of the plate with proteins If you are a vegetarian then you can use dal, chana, rajma, chole, curd, etc. and if you are eating non-veg other than this then you can use egg, fish, and chicken along with this. After this fill the last 1/4th part of your plate with grains In this, you can use grains like roti, Dalia, oats, rice, etc.

Click on the link above to see how many grains you should eat Diabetes is not curable without the exclusion of packaged foods such as biscuits, rusks, nankeen, chips, fruit juice, and cool drinks.

The outer covering of cereals, legumes, vegetables, and fruits is always rich in nutrients eat them as much as you can Avoid taking the juice of fruits and vegetables, as it reduces nutrient levels Exercise is the second most important part of managing diabetes naturally You can include any exercise you like at any time in your daily routine.

You can follow some easy tips to incorporate physical activity easier in your daily routine As much as possible use stairs If possible, park your vehicle as far away as possible so that you can walk a little farther Take a 1-hour break and move around your office to boost your physical activity during office hours Apart from all these, stress reduction is also very important For that, you can incorporate regular yoga and meditation into your life.

Avoid smoking and alcohol along with this. Some people only follow home remedies even though their sugar levels reach more than 200 or 300 and avoid taking medications, which can cause further harm to them if your sugar level increases even after following these tips that mean insulin deficiency is increased in your body.

You need to take medications for this, you have to consult your doctor can prescribe Metformin, Sulfonylureas, DPP-4 inhibitors, SGLT2 inhibitors to control your diabetes Another important factor is that you should take only those medications that prescribed by your doctor and also follow the dose he prescribed.

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