Do This Everyday to Boost Your Immune System

Do This Everyday to Boost Your Immune System

I’m going to share a workout that can boost our immunity system Right now, we are concerned and worried about the outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (NCoV-2019) Actually in our daily life Other than this virus there are many other pathogens can cause diseases In such a situation How should we protect ourselves?

In addition to taking necessary protective methods the most reliable and effective way is to strengthen our own immunity system One of the most important ways of boosting immunity is doing moderate activities every day How to define moderate activities?

They are activities that will make your heart rate reaches 60% to 85% of your maximum heart rate What is the maximum heart rate? The current universal formula is 220 minus age For example,

if you are 20 years old Your maximum heart rate is 200 (220-20) Exercises that can boost your immunity system are which can make your heart rate between 120 and 170 Just like this workout sharing with you today We will have a total of 8 actions.

Do This Everyday to Boost Your Immune System

Which need 5 minutes to complete Both men and women can use this workout can not only improve our immunity but also burn fat to lose weight Why and how exercises boost the immunity system?

I will talk about them more when doing the exercises At the end of this video I also shared some other ways to improve immunity to fight away diseases If you are interested, please stay to the end Ok, let’s start today’s exercises! Okay, first let’s do Fast Feet Squat a little bit run fast in place,

as fast as you can If you feel tired do jogging in place This exercise can promote our blood circulation Which can deliver Antibody and immune function cells better and faster to the whole body They could detect invading pathogens more quickly This is also a reason why exercises improve immunity.

This action can also slim down legs The lower the squat the faster you run, the better it works Okay,

rest for 10 seconds I am going to introduce the next exercise Hip circles- draw circles with knees All the exercises done on yoga mats today could be done in bed also This action can improve the flexibility of hips and strengthen the muscles of the buttocks So, it is really good for a person who has a sedentary lifestyle We can do it slowly OK,

switch to the other side Please draw a big circle Exercise slows down the release of stress hormones to make us feel less stressed As we know, some stress increases the chance of illness So from this point exercises improve our immunity Okay, rest for 10 seconds.

The third exercise is Cross Crunches Use your elbow to touch the knee of the opposite leg Be careful not to let your shoulders touch the ground when lying back on the ground This will strengthen our abs better Beginners can do an easier version in the upper corner Pay attention to always tighten your abdomen.

Try to get your belly button close to the spine Also remember to tighten the chin like showing your double-chin This way you can avoid using power from the neck thus no neck pain any more 4th action,

Squat Hops Open your feet wider Toes and knees pointing out in straight line Squat twice and add a hop to the third one Beginners can do the regular Squats Please keep your knees over ankles when squatting Try to squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground Are you tired? Sweating now?

The brief rise in body temperature during exercise helps improve cell phagocytosis of virus and bacteria It can help our body stop the invasion of pathogens Second, for pathogens that have already invaded can inhibit their reproduction and spread in our body Thereby strengthen our immune function 5th exercise, V-sit toe taps Straighten your spine, V sitting Move Toes toward the floor,

but don’t touch it Beginners can let toes touch the ground Pay attention to tighten the lower abdomen all the time This exercise can tighten our lower belly also has a good effect on the upper belly I know you are tired But please try your best to hold on Fighting for health and good shapes!

The next one is a modified version of Mountain Climbers That is, we need to add hold for few seconds Beginners can do walking Mountain Climbers We can do these moves slowly Please bring your knees close to the opposite chest Then we can exercise oblique muscles better and get 11 line Abs.

Studies have found after a period of exercise our immune function cells increased thus our immunity is enhanced by the exercises This is the fourth reason why exercise improves immunity function Then Crunches There is only one more exercise left Please hold on !

Keep legs as straight as possible when put them out Tighten the lower abdomen throughout the process This can make sure they get well trained Also, this can help to avoid the low back pain Some of you may find these exercises are challenging Actually, if you can do this routine once a day It would be much easier in 1 week So persistence is the key Okay,

the last exercise is Plank Ankle Touching Beginners can do only the plank part as shown in the upper right corner Pay attention to tighten the belly to lift body up Not only using the strength of the arm to make this V change Please hold a few seconds when back to the plank In addition to exercising the whole body’s muscles This exercise can stretch our calves to slim legs down Okay,

let’s do some stretches First lie on the ground Hug thigh close to the chest Straighten the other leg Slowly draw a few circles OK, switch to the other leg Stretch the leg Everybody’s flexibility is different So what you need to do is just try your best OK, we stand up Hold your foot and move it towards your hip Lift the opposite arm flat or tighten hips Can help you to keep balance OK, switch to another leg Finally,

let’s stretch our arms and shoulders Stretch Switch to the other side OK, stretch towards back How do you feel about this exercise ?

Do you feel you are healthier more relaxed Also lost some weight? OK, that’s today’s exercises In addition to doing exercise every day There are other ways to boost the Immunity system also,

Like, ensure enough rest and sleep Of course it’s not good to sleep too much Meanwhile, take a nourishing diet Like proteins, vitamin-rich fruits, and vegetables There is another very important aspect that is particularly easy to overlook.

That is about our mood Please don’t be anxious or stressed Because these will reduce our immunity function. No matter what happens, learn to be positive Tomorrow will be a better day! Okay, today’s video is over I hope you enjoyed Also I really wish all of us Will stay healthy and happy. 

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