Cure Thyroid Problems In 1 Month Naturally

Cure Thyroid Problems In 1 Month Naturally

Hello friends, Namaste! Welcome to SoulJyoti-Yoga. Today’s topic is Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism occurs when our Thyroid gland fails to produce enough hormone.

In India 1 or 2 out of 10 people are affected by this. Infertility: Hypothyroidism is the main reason for infertility in Humans It also causes a number of health issues like Obesity, Heart disease, Constipation, Hair fall, Dry skin, fatigue, anxiety, and a lot more.

Cure Thyroid Problems In A Month Naturally

Yoga stretches the cure of thyroid and loosens the neck area, where the thyroid gland is located. So practicing these asanas will cure Thyroid issues within a small span of time.

Om Chanting: Sit in Lotus pose or Padmasana or you can also sit in a normal cross-legged position.

Join both your hands in Gyana mudra and place it on your thigh Take a deep breath and exhale with Om sound The ancient mantra or vibration conventionally chanted, which creates vitalizing vibrations all through your body especially in your lungs, heart, neck, jaw, tongue, and brain.

This vibration activates your Thyroid gland and keeps it healthy. 10 minutes of Om chanting is very effective to reduce stress and anxiety, which eventually helps to get sound sleep and cure thyroid. After this take a deep breath and exhale without opening your mouth.

Now the Om sound should be audible just as a vibration. This time you can feel the vibration more on your throat area. Repeat the whole process for 15 minutes Massage of the Thyroid gland: Rub both the palms and put it firmly on your throat. You can also take a few drops of oil on your palm.

Gently Slide your palms towards outward direction. Do not put too much pressure while massaging Keep it soft Repeat the massage for 50 times Now do the circular motion with the right hand then with the left hand for 20 times each This massage therapy promotes blood flow in Thyroid glands and reduces inflammation The best benefit of this massage is that, it gives you a Young, glowing, and wrinkle-free skin Next, do it on the upward direction for 20 times

Fish Pose: Cross your legs as you Sit in Lotus pose or padmasana Press your forearms and elbows into the floor and lift your chest to create an arch in your upper back Hold your toes with the help of forefingers Fish pose stretches the neck and throat area.

It stimulates the thyroid gland. This pose promotes blood flow to the thyroid gland and keeps it safe, active, and healthy. It also corrects your posture and makes your personality attractive.

Bridge Pose: Lie down on your back, bend both the knees and place the feet flat on the floor Press the feet and hands onto the floor, inhale and slowly lift the body up.

Stay on this pose for 30 sec to 1 minute Bridge pose is an effective yoga for hypothyroidism. It stretches the neck and improves blood circulation in the thyroid glands. The pose is very effective for treating asthma, reducing headaches, and strengthening muscles. It also reduces fat on your stomach and helps in weight loss.

Shoulder stand: Lie down straight and bend both the knees Raise your legs slowly upward and bring it to 90° angle Raise the legs; abdomen and chest. Try to form a straight line. Place the palms on your back for support Stay on this pose for 1 minute Shoulder stand releases blood flow into the neck and helps to nourish the thyroid gland and reversing hypothyroidism, this poses are very helpful in the cure of Thyroid.

It improves blood circulation and squeezes stagnant secretion. Plow pose: Lie down flat on the floor, and slowly raise the legs, abdomen, and chest. Stretch the legs and arms in the opposite direction.

Hold this pose for around 15 seconds to a minute depending on how long you feel comfortable. Take slow and deep breaths. Plow pose provides compression to the neck, stimulating the thyroid glands.

It also calms down the brain, reduces stress and fatigue. It rejuvenates abdominal muscles, stimulates the female reproductive organs, and increases the suppleness of the spine. It enhances focus and concentration power. While exhaling slowly release the pose.

Cobra pose: Place your palms down on the ground beneath your shoulders. Pressing palms onto the ground, Lift your chest up off the ground. Stretch your body fully and stay for 15-20 seconds.

Repeat the pose for 3 times. A lot of compressing and stretching happens during the Cobra pose, which helps in the regulation of the thyroid glands.

Cobra pose helps in improving blood circulation and the flexibility of the upper and middle back. It strengthens the entire back and shoulders, tones the abdomen, expands the chest, and reduces stress and fatigue. This pose is very effective to cure PCOS in women.

So, let’s start! Exercise 1 Stretch your neck muscles and stay there. Now, stretch your shoulder also and stay there. And slowly breathe out. Now again, look up with breathe in. Stretch your neck muscles. Close your lips three times. One, two, and three. And slowly breathe out.

Again, open your mouth 3 times and stay there. And stay there. And slowly out And relax your shoulders. Exercise 2 Stretch your neck muscles on the left side. Shoulder down on the right side with breath in. And relax with breathe out. Now on the right side. Left shoulder down.

And relax with breathe out Exercise 3 Breathe in and twist on the left side. See your shoulder. And stay there with breathe in. And slowly relax with breathe out. Now, on the right side. Stay there with breathe in And relax with breathe out. Again, breathe in.

Back straight, stretch your shoulder, And breathe out. Same with right. Breathe in And breathe out. Exercise 4 Keep your hands on the waist. And slide your hands downwards with breathe in. Breathe in, And come up with breathe out. Now again, Keep your hands on the waist and slide your hands. Open your shoulders, stretch your shoulders, stretch your neck muscles And slowly breathe in.

Hold your breath. Stay there. And slowly come up with breathe out. Exercise 5 Legs together. Stretch your hands, go back with breathe in. Stretch your neck muscles and stay there And slowly breathe out. Head down. Now, come up with breathe in. Go back. Again, stay there.

Stretch your neck muscles. And slowly go down with breathe out. Try to touch your toes. Head down. Now, come up with breathe in And relax with breathe out. The last exercise, number 6 Stretch your hands. Stretch the fingers. Stretch the shoulders. And stretch your neck muscles.

Now, breathe in and stretch. While doing that, stretch your neck muscles. Spine straight And stay there. Shoulder stretch and stay there.

Feel the stretch. Close your eyes. And slowly relax. One more time. Stretch your neck muscles. Stretch your hands. Tighten the thighs with breath in. And relax with breathe out. 

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